League play has started.  All leagues play on Diamond tables.

The Men’s 8 Ball tournament will play at Cue’s Game Room this weekend starting at 8pm on Friday November 26 and continuing through Sunday.  Come on down and watch the action.

The first big tournament of the year was at Cue’s Game Room in Penticton on November 6 & 7.  Cue’s hosted the successful Women’s 8 Ball tournament on the weekend with lots of exciting play. This tournament sold out in 24 hours.  Sixteen women began playing at 10am on Saturday.  The players came from the coast, Kelowna and Penticton.    Each player was given a ticket for door prizes.

The Vee’s tickets were won by Trish Welsh who passed them on to new Penticton residents Christine and Geoff Tom.

Mary Ellen (Emme) Homenchuk won the Canucks tickets.  She’s heading to the Colorado game on the 17th.

Marie Louise Beesley took home the $1100 OB Cue.  Now that’s one happy camper.

Seven women participated in the 8 ball mini Saturday night.  It only took about 6 hours to play.  Lol.  Rounds of Agavero might have slowed it down. Hahaha.  Rayleen took home $40 for 3rd place, Vicky was happy with $100 for 2nd and Ninon after much talk about her rack took home $150 for 1st place.  Thank goodness it’s rack your own.  Hahaha.  Pictures to follow.  LOL

The big tournament continued Sunday morning at 11am.  There might have been a couple of big heads there that morning.

Penticton’s own Ninon Smith and Marie’s  sister Yvette Beesley,  tied for 5/6 in the tournament.  Yvette was the B side basher until she wasn’t.  No prizes for that finish but definitely bragging rights.

Coming in 4th place, visiting from the coast was Katherine Robertson winning $250. 

Placing 3rd , newly moved to Penticton, winning $500 was Christine Tom.  

Another player from the coast was Brenda Willis finishing in 2nd place and winning $750.

Finishing in 1st place, never losing a match, winning $1000 was Vicky Rose.  It’s her house. 🙂 

Cue’s Game Room is looking for servers.  Applicants need their Serving It Right and Food Safe.  Cue’s Game Room is looking for cooks.  Applicants need their Food Safe.  All applicants must be vaccinated.

Cue’s Game Room is located at 342 Main Street, Penticton.