BC Eh! Pool League is pleased to announce the winner of the seven foot Pro Am Diamond Pool Table. 

Congratulations to Christine Tom.  We know Geoff is thrilled.

Very successful tournament on Sunday at Soho.  13 teams made an appearance.  Thanks to Rob Martin for running the show while Paul and Vicky were out of town.  We appreciate it.
1st Place goes to Rob Martin and  Renato Tio who were thrown together as partners at the last minute.  Rob and Renato lost the first match to Dana and George, but they battled all the way back to win the tournament.  Congratulations!
1st Place Rob and Renato
2nd Place Ian and Andru
3rd Place Kyle and Dano
4th Place Sylvain and Gilbert


Richler Cup Qualifier to be held at Top 147 Snooker and Billiards in Richmond this Saturday February 11.  Doors open at 10am, tournament starts at 11am.   Call Jonathan Sun at 604-353-8349 or Paul Potier at 1-587-580-7665 for more information on this and upcoming qualifiers.  Winner of the trip will be determined by a point system after all qualifiers are completed.  Richler Cup plays sometime in June 2017.

Next Richler Cup qualifier at Top 147 on February 11. 


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