Hi Everyone

So a year on we are still in the midst of Covid 19.  Still hopefully by the end of the summer we will be able to get back to a semblance of normal that will include pool league or at least a pool league party.

Until that happens you can now go and enjoy a game of pool in Vancouver.  Check out Vancouver’s newest pool room.  Stephen Folan has opened Sneaky Pete’s located at 424 McLean Drive, just off Hastings,  kitty corner from the Waldorf.  Check it out.  Eight brand new Diamond tables and great pizza and beer make for a fun day or night out.  Lots of space around the pool tables and lots of dividers in the café offer a safe environment.

Soho has reopened their pool tables after a shut down of a few months.  With only six Diamond tables in the place at the moment there is definitely lots of room for safety.

Both these rooms clean tables and accessories after every group.