The winners of the mixed up scotch doubles tournament that played at Soho Sunday were George Lane and Malcolm McTaggart.  Abraham Mairena and Dave Hyatt placed second.  Congratulations everyone and good shooting.  Thanks for coming out.

Teams scheduled to play at Comox will be playing at the Metro on tables 4 & 5 until further notice.

 Any teams scheduled to play at the 298 will now play at the Metro Coffee Bar and Billiards on tables 1 & 2 until further notice.  The Metro is located at 3175 Kingsway.  It is on the north side of the street about two or three blocks east of Rupert.

Anyone interested in joining a team should email bcehcanada@telus.net to enquire.

Call Paul 604-341-9524 if you are looking for  Digi cues, two piece cues or Cut Shot balls.